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this is what's up

I've decided that since I rarely have more than 20 minutes of Internet at a time, I'm going to do what many others have done before me and post a picture of the day. Hopefully I will keep this up.

So for Monday, March 26, 2007:


Taken on the subway in Osaka, Japan.

The ever-growing tie! BEWARE! (what could this possibly be advertising? thoughts? suggestions?)

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Last round of Vietnam photos

Nha Trang, Saigon

Ok, I think this is it on my pictures. I finally got the last cards put onto a CD so here are some more pictures!

Taken from the "bus" on the way from Quy Nhon to Jungle Beach. Note that the quotes indicate that this was the "bus" that was really a van meant for 12, but packed with about 21. Good times.

View from the main house at the Jungle Beach resort. Rain. So much rain.

My hut, separated from the beach only by a line of trees. No electricity whatsoever.

The view from my hut, Jungle Beach.

These were little shelters the guys set up to protect you from the sun. The beach was very secluded, populated every once in a while by dogs. Or cows.

Look! It's me at the Cham Towers in Nha Trang! Exciting!

More of the Cham Towers.

And to spice things up, a black and white.

Leaving for scuba at 7:30 am, Nha Trang.

My first day of scuba.

Pretending to ride Mr. Thanh's bike. I never did actually ride one. Don't let the pictures fool you.

Taking a nap with a cigarette, here is the hard-working cook on our boat. He really did make fabulous food, all 4 days I was on his boat.

Mr. Thanh's wife made this dinner for us and we ate on the beach under the palm trees. Fabulous.

Mr. Thanh (left), his friend the coffee-maker, his wife and I having coffee.

At Zippo's Bar, Nha Trang. Great bar, sage advice.

View from our hostel, Saigon.

With Una (Ireland) and Loren (USA). Spreading the peace sign wherever I go.

Museum of Fine Arts, Saigon.

A photo from the War Remnants museum, Saigon.

Old American plane at the War Remnants museum, Saigon.

Our crazy waiter with the flat top at Allez Boo bar, Saigon. Notice the fella in the background, not sure if he should smile because he may or may not be in the picture.

Pho. Best. Food. Ever.

Some government building on a beautiful day, Saigon.

Posted on all of the lampposts, Saigon. Danger.

A neighborhood I chanced upon when I got lost, Saigon.

Statue at the Taoist temple, the Jade Emperor Pagoda, Saigon.

In this pagoda, there was the "Hall of the Ten Hells" where there were mighty gruesome depictions of the fates of hell. Here is one of them.

Ok. On that note, Vietnam is finished on my blog. Kind of sad, really, but an accomplishment nonetheless. Enjoy!

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hanoi, sapa, halong bay

Alright people! Here are some more pictures!

Hoan Kiem Lake, HaNoi. I thought it looked better in black and white. This was at the center of the "old town."

Temple of Literature, HaNoi.

This was taken from a balcony at a really cheap bar, Qua Bia Minh in HaNoi.

The platform getting on the night train to Sapa, HaNoi. People scatter and dodge trains. It's crazy.

Where we stopped for lunch and for a break from the rain, Sapa.

I think she is Zao, and there were these yaks everywhere. Sapa.

Children riding a yak, Sapa. Supposedly this is a really famous symbol of Vietnamese country.

The sons of the family we stayed with in Sapa. They were very shy at first, but then we taught them "rock,paper, scissors" and they were very fascinated with the hitting part. Once I taught them the hand-slapping game, it was out of control.

Sini smoking tobacco from the traditional bamboo pipe. This is also the man of the house.

Traditional dress of the tribe. Needless to say, my big Western body didn't fit.

This was our view from the house while eating breakfast.

Waterfall in Sapa. This took a lot of maneuvering in non-hiking shoes.

We didn't walk on this bridge, but other people did. Sapa.

Mikey expected to stay at the Holiday Inn in Hanoi. This was not. The Manh Dung hotel, HaNoi.

The cave we went into looked like it came straight from the Goonies. Halong Bay.

Halong Bay.

To sleep, our houseboat dropped anchor in the middle of the caves. This was Sunset, Halong Bay.

This was the view out of our window in the morning, Halong Bay.

We went trekking on Cat Ba Island, where we stayed, and it stormed and rained pretty much the whole time. This is the view from the top.

Mikey and I, Korean-style. Halong Bay.

A crazy-looking spider we had to cross to continue. This is when I learned to use the super-closeup function on my camera.

People really live here. Notice the TV antennas? Also, they just dump their trash in the water which, along with the diesel, has severely polluted Halong Bay. Interesting lifestyle though.

This was on the boat ride to the place we kayaked. The water is really that color.

This is where the caves open up into the Gulf of Tonkin. Halong Bay.

We needn't have worried. We did see some monkeys on Monkey Island, but it was from afar. Mikey lamented the fact that there were only 30 monkeys on the island, and there were more monkeys on other islands...so why is this one called Monkey Island? Discuss amongst yourselves.

View as we were leaving, sunburns and all.

To be continued....

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Photos part deux

hanoi, ninh binh province

More photos from HaNoi and the Ninh Binh province. It's a two-part series.

Water puppets from the show, Hanoi. My camera doesn't do too well in the dark, so this is the best one out of about 12.

Ok, so it's Thursday night in HaNoi. You're a high school boy. What do you do? Paint Precious Moments-style pottery, of course. I assume they paid for this, but at least they weren't doing drugs or trafficking prostitutes.

Ladies would walk around with huge bunches of balloons like this, mostly featuring Mickey Mouse. HaNoi.

This is fried pigeon, which Mikey insisted on ordering. What he didn't count on was the Christmas Story-style of head still attached. Not much meat, a little tough, but what can you expect from rats with wings? HaNoi.

Taken from a speeding vehicle, Ninh Binh province.

Small-town propaganda, Ninh Binh province.

Snake wine sold at one of the rest stops. I didn't have the opportunity to have any, but supposedly it's good for all kinds of aches and pains.

Fishermen, Ninh Binh province.

Outside of one of the temples, Ninh Binh province.

One of the guardians at a different temple, Ninh Binh province.

These pigs, and other livestock, are just free to roam around the general vicinity of where they live. Ninh Binh province.

See? These cows were just hanging out under one of the rocks at Tam Coc.

That's about it. There will be some more from Nha Trang and SaiGon as soon as I get them put on CD. Thanks, as always, for checking in.

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More Pictures from Vietnam

this is going to take a long time...

Here are some more pics I just uploaded from one of 5 CDs. This is going to take forever to do, but at least I have a fast connection here back in Korea.

Acrobats at the Independence Day celebration, Ha Noi

And some more

Platform shaped like a violin, Quy Hoa beach, Quy Nhon

Old-school vehicle, Hoi An

Myself, Lina (our favorite seller) and Sini, Hoi An

Street, Hoi An

Another street, Hoi An

Propaganda against AIDS at the train station, Danang

More from the Tam Coc caves

A family on the boat, Tam Coc

That's all for now! This only took me about 20 minutes. Really!

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Vietnamese Eye Candy

day 23: nha trang

sunny 34 °C

And by that, I do not mean a beautiful Vietnamese person, although that would be nice as well.

This is a purely photo-inspired blog, because it took me about 30 minutes to upload these huge pictures on the slowest computer EVER. Seriously. It is yellowing with age.

The riverside as shot from a boat.

The family from Segovia, Spain that I had met in Halong Bay and again in Hoi An. The boy on the left called me a monkey. But only after I called him one.

A really cool painting in one of the bars we went to.

One of the deserted intersections at the hottest part of the day.

Danika, Juki, myself and Sini live in luxury.

The moon rising during the full moon festival at Cua Dai beach.

Way back to August, a house at Tam Coc, in between the caves.

Spices in the market in Hoi An.

Hall of Tortoises in the Temple of Literature in Ha Noi.

This is all for now because it took me approximately an hour to do all of this. No, really. And I'm in Nha Trang so I have to go do something touristy now.

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Spring in Korea

giving the people what they want...

Who'd have thought that Korea could be such a beautiful country? After seeing the ho-hum browns and the hum-drum grays of winter, not me. But I suppose it's like that everywhere. You get stuck in an ugly season for what seems like so long that you can hardly remember that this place, or any place, can actually be beautiful.

I think I was a little too scared out of my mind/homesick when I first got here to appreciate anything more than the sweltering heat (flashback: August). But spring has been good to me (aside from the aforementioned laryngitis, which can I just say, thank you for $4 antibiotics!) and to the landscape of Korea. It's really coming into its own. Rock on, Korea!

So this will be a purely photo-inspired blog.

This is a sidewalk I walk down on my way to work.

Fruit sellers enjoy the shade.

Same sidewalk, further down.

Yet another sidewalk, off the beaten path.

This is the street I live on, from the overpass bridge.

Advertisements everywhere you go.

At the elementary school. Some kids doing their daily exercises.

On the pedestrian bridge going to "Central Park."

A lamppost on the pedestrian bridge.

People moseying. If you had seen them in action, you would agree with the word choice.

A bridge in the park. With some kindie-gartners!

Fountain. Taken under the pagoda.

Hey monkey!

Hey dragon!

What's up...bear? Anteater?

Aaaand...a cow.

Nothing is safe from urban sprawl. Don't try to resist.

A nice little sitting area further in.

Ok last one. The real street from the entrance of central park.

Kinda nice, eh? Central Park is about 10 minutes from my apartment and it's always full of people, mostly a) kindergartners on field trips playing games with their teachers or b) older folks "moseying." There are the occasional families with young children who aren't in school that are having picnics, mostly with just their mothers because their fathers work all day. It's a nice space to have. Kind of like the REAL "Central Park." Only much smaller.

(PS - I changed my template yet again to a simpler one. The guy on the rocks was cool and dramatic, but he kind of set too high a standard for my posts, leaving me feeling like I could never live up to his expectations.)

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