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June 2007

My lovelies

last week as pisces class...

I am utterly heartbroken.

My Johns might not come back from Canada/America.

My girls are moving up to a class that might be too difficult for them because of numbers.
This all starts next week, and I am worried/anxious/angry about all of this. Tough break, I guess.

Hopefully I can whip these new kids into shape. Their little brains have been programmed to brag, gloat, and toot their horns to how smart they are, usually at others' expense.
Ugh...I knew Pisces was too good to be true.





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Shingu Botanical Garden

in a greenhouse in july...brilliant.

What a nice break to go on outings with my babies.
This is my last week as Pisces teacher; my boys are studying abroad (yes, even though they are technically 6) and my girls are being dispersed. I will be the new Aries teacher.


Can't think of a better way to spend a hot day at the end of June than by walking around and going in and out of greenhouses.

There were a lot of cool things though.

Stacks of rocks.

Korean totem pole.

Lotus! A real one this time!

Lots of waterlilies.

Little guys.


Greenery in one of the greenhouses.


Thank you, macro function on my camera!

Pretty stuff.

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More Tancheon Pictures

river culture



Everybody goes to the river to exercise, socialize, and alcoholize.
Good times.

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Birthday Blog

the 5-day celebration

Well, folks, I am officially 24 years old now. My birthday is over in all parts of the world, and yet....it seems to be the celebration that never ends.

Lo, though I am far from family and friends in Indiana, I have adopted new ones in Korea that are hell-bent on making sure that the birthday does not go unnoticed. And actually, that it doesn't last for fewer than 4 days.

First: the work birthday

My Pisces babies and I.

Jennifer's mom brought in a cake to share with the class.

Jennifer had two pieces.
Not a good idea.

Then, that night we had "Hobo Birthday" down by the Tancheon River. Tired of Carne Station (all you can eat and drink for $25), I decided I wanted a beer and pizza picnic by the river.

L-R: Robyn, Sarah and her folks, the Grants, Matt, Jen, Courtney, Rose, me, Sarah.

These were the festivities, including Korean high school students.

Cake #2: Baskin Robbins ice cream. Delicious.

Moving along to Saturday...

Chantal was unfortunately injured and couldn't make it out for Saturday night, so she bought me lunch at Wazwan #2, or Taj Palace. So delicious.

Last year, my birthday was themed "Sex Terrorists." In keeping with the spirit of themes, we went as "Failed Beauty Pageant Contestants." Ridiculous.

L-R: Mr. Sunnyvale Trailer Park (Mikey), Kyla, Miss Failed Sex Change (me), Mr. Mormon Pimp (Henry), and Miss Teen STD (Rebecca).

This particular celebration lasted until 6am.

Fast forward to Monday night with Sung Won and Hae Rim, former co-workers of mine. A bottle of Riesling, free champagne, and cake # 3.


How could this have been a better birthday? Well...that pony I've always wanted, and perhaps Javier Bardem. But other than that, it was great! So thanks to all who made sure that it was one for the books!

PS - I finally booked my flight to Taiwan for July vacation. Woohoo!

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Koreans Working Hard

despite the maekju...


I went to take a picture of the beer in a bag on the side of the paving truck, and this delightful ajassi got in at the last moment.

To their credit, the street was paved in about 3 days.

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