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March 2007

Weekend Special

my bikeride into seoul

Last weekend, the weekend before, and probably this weekend, I have made use of the bike that I bought from Scott for $50 and ridden into Seoul from Bundang.

It sounds more dangerous than it is, but one of our little rivers meets up with the Han River in Seoul and has a great biking/walking path the whole way there. No cars whatsoever.

The first time was a fluke. I wanted to ride, but not that far. Then I passed everything I had recognized up to that point and stumbled across a flat seemingly deserted area (all but for the large concrete wall with barbed wire...I assume this is a military base as I have seen several helicopters taking off and landing there). The next thing I knew, I was surrounded by overpasses, underpasses, and even crazier people than I had seen in Bundang.

The second time I went with Rachel with the intent of Making It to the Han River. We set off with our MP3 players (riding side-by-side is dangerous and downright annoying) and water and made the 1.5 hour ride into Seoul, stopping for pictures along the way.

The Tancheon, by the military base...or something.

My gear for the ride. Haphazardly scattered? Or carefully posed?


I assume that the Han River is there somewhere, but we were on a deadline and didn't quite make it.


Rachel and I are tired, but accomplished. La venganza es nuestra!

On the way back, I ditched Rachel for this shot. There were about 4 or 5 helicopters around this area, but I only had time for one shot.

Unfortunately, the obliviousness of the Korean population translates to biking and I have come very close to, and actually hit, several people who weren't paying attention. People either ignore the bell or move without thinking or looking and veer in front of the bikers.

The worst (in order):
1. Couples. For some reason, couples love to walk in the bike lane. They also love to ignore warnings. And if they are on bike, the girl is usually acting cutesy, silly, or just plain stupid to play the damsel in distress, leading to a lot of shrieks, bell-ringing, and curses.

2. Ajummas. The Korean ajumma is a class entirely unto herself. Normally travelling in flocks, they are the most oblivious to the world around them. When walking, she likes to zigzag to ensure that no one can pass her, thereby guaranteeing she will get to any destination 2 seconds faster than you. This applies on bikes as well.

3. Children. For some reason that whole "looking both ways" thing doesn't work here. The kids dart out into oncoming traffic, ride their bikes with disdain, and rollerblade in and out of any moving thing. Unfortunately, their motor skills aren't always so developed. I actually ran into 3 kids (actually, teenagers around 13) who were warned by a bell but just didn't pay attention.

I think I need a hat with a giant police siren and flashing light. But like the ambulances here, I would probably be ignored...

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You get the Doritos...

a very serious snack


This is wonderful bondegi, or as you can read in English, silkworm pupa.

It is often sold in big vats of silkworm juices, put into individual cups with toothpicks, and once you smell it, you know exactly what it is.

Apparently now you can buy it by the can. This was taken at the convenience store, right next to the beer. I think it was 1,300 won (about $1.25).

I would try it, but I can't get past the smell.

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The Great Ajumma Milk Fleet

oh these ajummas...


These ajummas wander around and sell milk to schoolchildren.

Yay milk!

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View from Royal Palace

i used to live in luxury


This is from the 25th floor apartment in Sunae. It was small, but had this great view...

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Or something like that....

Tuesday, March 27, 2006


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Photo of the Day

this is what's up

I've decided that since I rarely have more than 20 minutes of Internet at a time, I'm going to do what many others have done before me and post a picture of the day. Hopefully I will keep this up.

So for Monday, March 26, 2007:


Taken on the subway in Osaka, Japan.

The ever-growing tie! BEWARE! (what could this possibly be advertising? thoughts? suggestions?)

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babies babies everywhere and...something something something...

I realize this has nothing to do with traveling, or life in Korea, or actually really anything at all. But I have a new cousin (again...out of like 20, me being the oldest). AND! I am now an Aunt! (when using the word "aunt" and referring to myself, even though not part of my proper name, it will be capitalized).

I finally earned the title, not just accepted it as a mistaken sign of respect from my cousin. See, funny thing. My cousin Will, who is much younger than me, decided that I was way too old to be just "Lyndsey." So he instituted the title "Aunt." I am the oldest of eleventy billion grandchildren (so many, in fact, that I really don't have time to stop and count). A couple of months ago there was another one, Kate. (courteous of Aunt Cathy)

Last month, there was yet another one, Thaddeus. (courteous of Uncle Phil)
(With Miranda, courteous of Uncle Paul)

I suppose this has to do with life in Korea because I am here. Not there. I am missing all of this. And hopefully, all of this is missing me.

While I do love a new cousin or two (or 7, whatever), my nephew, Spencer William Bergen, was born two days ago. Holy cow. Welcome to the world, Baby Bergen! This is the first Bergen with that surname born since my brother (all the aunts had babies, but after marriage). The Bergen name is sure to carry on. I guess this is the closest I've gotten to responsibility.
So congratulations, Zachie-poo and Beth!

And welcome to world, all you babies, you!

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