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February 2007


prepare to be hungry

I cannot stress how much I LOVE FOOD. It drives me nuts, but fortunately I've started doing tae kwon do in order to balance it out.

I've done one food blog and I think since it's been a year, and I've eaten a lot more food, we should pay another homage to that which makes our mouths water, our bellies groan, and at times, brings a collective tear to our eyes. Le sigh.

First of all, Vietnam:

Not only is it delicious, but look how gorgeous that pho is. This was from a famous Pho restaurant in Saigon, one that Clinton came to. There are pho restaurants in Korea, but they are sorely lacking.

This was not as tasty. Featured in a previous blog, this is the pigeon that Mikey had for dinner in Ha Noi. We had always joked that the chicken we eat in Korea is really pigeon. Oh do we know differently.

Now this is how we do it. My friend, Mr. Thanh's wife made this delectable spread in Nha Trang. Eating off of newspaper on the ground. Perfect. There were plenty of spring rolls, noodles, cucumbers, and pieces of tofu stuffed with beef.

One of the best Mexican restaurants I've ever eaten at. Amazing.

Although I've had some really tasty sashimi and sushi here in Korea, Japan still wins. Ask anyone from that night, I was almost in tears.

And because I had eaten pigeon and frog's legs (complete with toes) in Vietnam, I couldn't resist horse sashimi. Surprisingly it was really good.


One of the things that I enjoy about living in Korea is the access to international food. Because on the daily I have to eat things like this, pic0108.jpg (when we took the kindies sledding, this was our lunch), I appreciate a good turkey dinner or gorging myself on Indian food. Hey. I deserve it.

In Korean bars, there are often some pretty questionable side dishes. This is one of them. Purple salad dressing? REALLY?!

And apparently, it's faux pas to drink without eating. This was part of the Korean Christmas experience. Very spicy, very questionable.

However, THIS was another part of my Christmas experience. God bless Chantal, keeper of the oven that cooks beautiful things like turkeys, pies, cookies, bread, etc. Needless to say, I had to wear my stretchy pants!

Butter chicken and mutton masala. Absolutely beautiful.

This may fool you in appearance because it looks like baby food (or something that came out the other end). In actuality, it is the best thing in the whole entire wide world: saag gosht. We are lucky enough to have a beautiful Indian restaurant in Itaewon. Come to think of it, we are past due for a trip there.

Don't get me wrong. I still love a good kimchi chigue or sam gyeop sal. I'm just not as keen on the crappy stuff I eat for lunch. But not all of us feel that way:

(Rosey stealing the kids' food)

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